Christie dismisses notion that Trump leaned on Ukraine leader. ‘That’s the way he talks.’

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Former Gov. Chris Christie said Thursday he’d never ask the leader of another country to “do (him) a favor” in a phone call if he were in the Oval Office the way President Donald Trump did with Ukraine’s president. But it’s just a difference in style — nothing more, Christie insisted.

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Christie Institute for Public Policy Announces Inaugural Lecture with Governor Christie & Governor Cuomo at Seton Hall on September 26

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Seton Hall students looking to get into public service may be eligible for financial support under a new agreement between the university's law school and former Gov. Chris Christie's policy institute, the two were expected to announce Tuesday. The Christie Institute for Public Policy, a nonprofit launched last year, plans to donate money toward one or more scholarships or a fund to repay loans for Seton Hall Law students 'who aspire to careers in public interest or public service', according to a joint announcement.

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